June 1, 2023
Elena Blinovskaya posted a prophetic photo on the eve of her arrest

Elena Blinovskaya posted a prophetic photo on the eve of her arrest

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

Popular blogger Elena Blinovskaya Literally a day before her arrest, she published a prophetic photograph on one of the social networks. The girl seemed to have a premonition of her own detention and initiation of the largest criminal case on non-payment of taxes for almost a billion rubles.

The published picture shocked the public. Subscribers are guessing: this is an accident, or the “marathon queen” foresaw the denouement of the events that took place on Thursday morning, April 27.

prophetic photo of Elena Blinovskaya

prophetic photo of Elena Blinovskaya

Photo: from social networks

Be that as it may, the girl really guessed. A day later, at 7:05 am on Thursday, she had to wring her hands in exactly the same way as in the photo – Blinovskaya, on a rented luxury Maybach, was detained by the FSB while trying to cross the border with Belarus. From there, the “Queen of the Infogypsies” planned to fly to Kazakhstan. But it didn’t.

ReminderAndm, which is the “queen of marathons” assyerzhaland for non-payment of taxes totaling almost one billion rubles. Blinovskaya underestimated her income by “splintering” her business and for the period 2019-2021 she owed the state more than 918 million rubles. In order to legalize funds, she was engaged in various financial transactions.

Now, searches are being carried out in the office and home of Elena Blinovskaya, and the detainee herself is being interrogated by law enforcement officers. SC published video of detention and searches in the blogger’s house.

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