June 2, 2023

“Queen of marathons” Elena Blinovskaya hid from the state revenues of 6 billion rubles

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Main theme of the day – detention bloggers, queens of marathons and “mothers of infogypsies” Elena Blinovskaya, which underpaid taxes in the amount of 918 million (!) Rubles. She is accused of two criminal offenses: tax evasion on an especially large scale (maximum term – up to three years in prison) and money laundering on an especially large scale (up to seven years).

According to investigators, Blinovskaya, launching her endless marathons of desires, success and personal growth, illegally split her business from 2019 to 2021, withdrawing money to the accounts of two dozen affiliated offices. And there was money there, mother don’t worry: the blogger ran dozens of marathons, many of which lasted several seasons with an average cost of participation from 4.5 to 10 thousand rubles. And this is at a minimum cost: an ordinary marathon from Elena is a set of voice messages with postulates about the state of the flow, the realization of female energy and the correct making of wishes in harmony with the Universe.


The fact that Blinovskaya was not in poverty was clear from her social networks: a country house, apartments in Dubai, business class travel, parties with celebrities … But how much money did she earn if taxes alone pulled a billion?

– Firstly, not a billion, but more: if the investigation calls the amount of 918 million, then with penalties and a fine, the underpayment will be more than 1.5 billion, – draws attention lawyer Mikhail Alekseevwhich leads its channels for business on YouTube and in Telegram. – Secondly, the total amount of income depends on many factors. But if 918 million are not declared, then the total turnover is about 6 billion rubles. And this is only according to the most conservative estimates.


The fragmentation of the business, in which marathons are sold through numerous foreign individual entrepreneurs, so as not to exceed the upper bar of income (and, accordingly, not to pay increased taxes), Blinovskaya did not even hide it. We open her last marathon “Husband on the couch”, the video of which the blogger offers for 4.9 thousand rubles. The recording of a “hot broadcast, after which no husband will ever look in the direction of the sofa,” is being sold by Irina Nikolaevna Grigorova, a sole proprietor from Voronezh.

– The problem is not that the marathon is sold through individual entrepreneurs, but that this individual entrepreneur is not “real” – he is not the creator and not the real owner of this information product, – Mikhail Alekseev continues. – This is revealed by a simple analysis of information: if an individual entrepreneur has no other activity than selling the Elena Blinovskaya marathon, if he does not have a website, a team of employees and everything else necessary for entrepreneurial activity, this is already a sign of business fragmentation. Next, the inspection authorities call the seller, interrogate him in a marathon. The only thing such a figurehead can convincingly answer is: “I don’t know.” – “Who knows?” – “Elena Blinovskaya and her husband.” And in the same way, the connection with the blogger is revealed through all the other IPs. Do not underestimate the Federal Tax Service – this is a very high-tech and digitalized agency. There is even a joke among lawyers that Mikhail Mishustin could have come up with ChatGPT long ago, but he was busy digitizing data for the tax office.


Meanwhile, investigators have already searched Blinovskaya’s house and interrogated her husband Alexei. He is not a stranger in the marathons of his famous wife: even during a scandalous interview with Ksenia Sobchak, the blogger brushed aside questions about business – they say that her husband rules all organizational moments. And she is only a “conductor of the energy of success.”

“I believe that the investigation will also find a connection with her husband’s companies, through which Blinovskaya could withdraw her superprofits,” the lawyer notes. – My prediction: Elena, given the presence of four minor children, will be placed under house arrest during the investigation, but her husband may be taken into custody. I think if the court verdict eventually becomes guilty, the blogger will be given a real term, but delayed until the youngest child reaches 14 years old – such an indulgence is possible under the law, which means that Blinovskaya has 11 years of freedom (her youngest daughter Avoroe is now three years old. – Ed.). But her husband, as an organizer, has every chance of going to jail.


How much and on what does the Blinovsky couple earn

According to recent reports from the Association of Bloggers, Elena Blinovskaya earned 450 million rubles in 2022. However, these figures are unofficial. And here is what the database of legal entities will say: the KP.RU website analyzed the business of the Blinovsky spouses, data on which is in the public domain. So:

Elena Blinovskaya

1. IP Blinovskaya: field of activity – additional education of children and adults. The maximum possible income under the simplified taxation system is up to 200 million rubles (financial results of individual entrepreneurs are not published in the public domain).

2. LLC “Travel Atelier”: activities of travel agencies. Revenue and profit for 2022 – by zero.

Alexey Blinovsky

1. LLC “Akvakultura”: freshwater fish farming. Revenue for 2022 – 33 million rubles, profit – 196 thousand.

2. OOO “Almaz”: retail trade in jewelry. Revenue for 2021 – 204 million, profit – 36 million (data for 2022 are not yet available).

3. LLC “Rybnaya history”: the activities of restaurants and food delivery services. Revenue for 2022 – 81 million rubles, losses – 36 million.

4. LLC “Primefood”: production of ready-made food products and dishes. Revenue for 2022 – 29 million rubles, profit – 749 thousand rubles.

5. LLC “Veter”: activities of hotels and other places for temporary residence. Revenue for 2021 – 11 million, losses – 6.6 million (data for 2022 are not yet available).

6. LLC “Olivia Group”: non-specialized wholesale trade. Revenue for 2021 – 312 million, losses – 8.3 million (data for 2022 are not yet available).

7. LLC “Gufo”: production of machinery and equipment for the production of food, beverages and tobacco products. Revenue and profit for 2022 – by zero.

8. Podari Mechtu LLC: data processing activities. Revenue for 2021 – 0, losses – 3.9 million rubles (data for 2022 are not yet available).

9. Podari Mechtu LLC: development of computer software. Revenue for 2022 – 48 million rubles, profit – 6.6 million.

10. LLC “Nembus”: extraction of ores and sands of precious metals. Revenue for 2021 – 0 rubles, losses – 275 thousand (data for 2022 are not yet available).

In addition, almost on the eve of the detention of his wife, on April 25, Aleksey Blinovsky left the founders of Akvakultura-Khibiny LLC, which worked in the hotel business. The businessman also launched the liquidation of two of his firms – Ocean of Molodist LLC (field of activity – general medical practice) and Three Cats LLC (outerwear production).

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