June 3, 2023
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Meeting of Shareholders of Recreativo de Huelva- (Tenor)

The Board of Directors of the Recreational Huelva It has approved the official accounts of the club for the 2021/22 season without incident, although not by an absolute majority, this Thursday the 27th, with six affirmative votes from its shareholders with voting rights, two against and one abstention. At the meeting that took place in the press room of the Nuevo Colombino, the president of the dean club, José Antonio Sotomayor, the manager of the entity, Carlos Hita, the current secretary of the club, Paco Muñoz, the director Francisco Martínez Ayllón (a trusted man of the Huelva City Council as the entity’s largest shareholder), director Antonio Macías Pichardo, as well as other minor shareholders such as Roberto Picos and Manuel Mojarro representing the Recreativo Supporter Trust and minority partners of the Dean.

Among the most outstanding data from the 2021/22 season is the approval of some accounts that have presented a surplus of 27,690 euros, lower than that of the previous campaign that exceeded one million euros, but where positive numbers continue to be achieved for the club dean, who has also confirmed that the debt contracted with the Treasury is following suit correctly and that by April 2025 it will be fully settled, after the delivery of the last three payments to be made, two of 300,000 euros in 2024 and a last one in 2025 of 500,000 euro.

Likewise, the Council has presented advertising and marketing revenues higher than those of past campaigns, has reduced the salary mass of its staff, as well as has resolved the debt contracted by the club with the Federation of Supporters Clubs, the campaign Líberos del Dean and the Trust for an amount of 893,426 euros.

On the other hand, the current debt of Recreativo de Huelva with its main creditors has been reduced by 2.2 million euros, so that it is currently 25.3 million euros, of which the Huelva City Council continues to be the main creditor with 11.7 million euros.

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