June 1, 2023

The current spokesperson for Ciudadanos (Cs) in the Lepe Town Hall, Juan Carlos Gómez, yesterday presented his candidacy for mayor of Lepe in a ceremony held in La Dehesa Tapas and in which he was supported by his fellow candidates and the party at the provincial level, as well as numerous citizens. Gómez thus renewed his commitment to the residents of the town and insisted that they have an “inclusive, dialogue, constructive, focused and non-polarized” project to make the City Hall “everyone’s home.”

Gómez stressed that for his team it will be essential “to put an end to the fear of citizens to publicly speak out against those who lead us in the Consistory for fear of being penalized or punished in some way.” He also underlined the “enormous capacity and courage” of all those who accompany him on the list for the upcoming municipal elections, to which he expressed his “maximum admiration”.

The Ciudadanos (Cs) candidate insisted to the attendees that, after four years, the same reasons that led them to run in the previous elections are maintained and assured that they will continue fighting for the fulfillment of motions already approved such as the creation of the business incubator, the public employment portal, the conservation of the greenway, transparency, etc.

In addition, he detailed some of the commitments of his training with the citizens if they reach the municipal government, such as carrying out an audit of accounts, undertaking the works and actions necessary to avoid or minimize flooding, promoting the creation of new homes, in special VPO, improve citizen security with a local or district police.

It is also committed to offering leisure alternatives to youth, attracting investment to the municipality and carrying out employment policies for all. It also proposes creating the figure of the deputy mayor of La Antilla and improving the cleanliness of this coastal nucleus, bringing sport closer to the neighborhoods or pedestrianizing the city center and creating a mobility and urban accessibility plan by public transport, including a bike lane. and other means compatible with pedestrians.

Along the same lines, he highlighted the work carried out as an opposition group in the Lepero City Council, with a significant number of motions and proposals -more than those presented by other parties such as the PSOE- focused on issues as important as the constitution of a table for the eradication of shanty towns, the elimination of architectural barriers, the recording and reproduction of plenary sessions on the municipal website, the creation of a business incubator, the poor condition of the greenway, citizen security problems, bank attention to the elderly or the creation of a public employment portal, among others.

Endorses the management of Cs on the Board

The candidate of the orange formation (cs) also had a few words to remember the imprint that the passage of Ciudadanos (Cs) through the Junta de Andalucía in the previous legislature has meant for the municipality, with the achievement of such important milestones for the coastal town as the new ITV station , the new Institute, the subsidies for the hostel and residence for the elderly and for the promenade or the declaration as a Municipality of Tourist Interest, among others.

Likewise, he wanted to thank the presence at the event of the secretary of the Organization of Citizens in the province and councilor in Aracena, María José Peña, of the spokespersons for the formation in Cartaya and Aroche, Israel Medina and Paulino Sosa, and of Pedro Pérez Duarte, representative in the Electoral Board of the area in Ayamonte, as well as the support received through a video message from Ines Arrimadas and Edmundo Bal.

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