June 1, 2023

The Patio de Garlands of the Casa Colón has hosted the presentation 2nd Drag Gala to be held in the city of Huelva: ‘The Queen Deluxe, the fight for the crown’. A first level event that has the support of the Huelva City Hall and that will take place on June 2, at 9:00 p.m., in the auditorium of this central space in the capital.

In this regard, the Deputy Mayor for Culture, Daniel Mantero, wanted to emphasize that “after the enormous success of the first edition, this show, which was a true marvel, returns with more strength and enthusiasm than ever because it has already been consolidated as one of the best Drag Galas in Spain”.

Mantero also wanted to highlight that “it is a celebration of liberation, friendship and art of immense category, an event that we have already adopted as an indisputable appointment of our cultural programming, and that is also open to the participation of the family to the complete, for children and adults, because we are sure that everyone will enjoy it and if they come they will want to repeat ”.

Thus, it should be noted that this event will offer the public more than four hours of fun, music, dance and talent, with nine queens arriving from different cities in Spain who will fight to win the crown. In addition, this year’s edition is loaded with novelties and surprises to involve the attendees and that will only be discovered during the gala, so the expectation will be present until the moment the show starts.

The event will be hosted by the great artist Nina Vagina, presenter of last year’s gala, and by Samantha Ballantines, famous for her participation in Drag Race Spain. There will also be a performance by Dafne, from Malaga who was the winner of the first edition and who will crown the winner of this 2023.

In addition, as the organizer, Nacho Rivera, has indicated, “in this event we will also be accompanied by renowned drag artists such as Coca Boom, winner of the first edition of the reality show Regias del Drag, Manoli del Tiro, winner of the Seville Drag Gala 2022, or the finalist of the Atresplayer Drag Race España Killer Queen contest”.

Rivera has also highlighted that “for this second edition, more than 70 applicants have presented themselves to take over the Drag Reign, compared to the 20 that did so last year, the best nine applicants having finally been chosen to opt for the Crown”. In addition, there will be different prizes for the finalists, both financial and related to performances in leading drag venues and participation as a contestant in the next edition of Regias del Drag.

Mami Loma, the only contestant from Huelva selected to compete in this II Gala, also wanted to encourage the public today so that they do not miss out on this great show. The woman from Huelva, who defines herself as “monstrous, geeky and with an ambiguous and gothic style” is 20 years old and although she has only been acting in drag for two years, she has already become a benchmark in this artistic scene, performing on stages in different cities and being a finalist in important drag competitions such as the one held in the Cordoba town of Rute.

As progress has been made in this presentation, together with the performances of the contesting drags and the invited artists, those attending ‘The Queen Deluxe, the fight for the crown’ will be able to previously enjoy a pre- party that will be enlivened by the famous international DJ Frank Gómez. In this way, the music, the animation and the good atmosphere will serve to warm up the engines before the event, as well as turn this space into a meeting point for attendees during the jury’s deliberation time.

For the City Council, this gala has become a very important and expected event, not only because of its artistic level, but also because this event will allow us to continue advancing in inclusion and normalization, in short, in giving visibility to the collective LGTBIQ+. In addition, this gala is the starting signal for Diversity Month, in which the Huelva City Council will launch many other activities to claim Pride.

Finally, it should be noted that tickets, which are priced at 18 euros, can already be purchased at tickets.huelva.es.

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