June 2, 2023

The managing director of Huelva watersPedro Peña, accompanied by the president of Huelva Red CrossJuan José Blanco Barbado, the director of clients of the company, José Manuel Márquez Rivas, and the director of Social Inclusion and Employment of the NGO, Elena Pavón, have renewed the collaboration agreement signed between both entities for the first time in 2019, to help financially in the payment of procedures associated with the regulation of the water supply for families in vulnerable situations.

A fund that is established to be able to meet the needs of these families who, in many cases, either do not have a supply or are not the owners of it, so they do not meet the requirements established for the application of the rate. social.

The objective of the agreement is to meet the real needs of families in situations of social emergency, helping them to pay for the procedures associated with the water supply, since, in the words of José Manuel Márquez, director of clients of Aguas de Huelva, “in In many cases, there are people who do not have a contract or are not the holders of the supply and have difficulty being able to take advantage of the social rates already existing in the company”.

Juan José Blanco, president of the Red Cross, has thanked the continuous collaboration of Aguas de Huelva with his entity, commenting that “to access this compensation fund, the beneficiaries interested in requesting help can go to the Red Cross headquarters located at the Paseo de Buenos Aires s/n de Huelva, where they will study the applications based on certain criteria and minimum requirements. They will also be derived from Aguas de Huelva itself to the Red Cross for the study of each case.

Other aid from Aguas de Huelva

This new compensation fund coexists with and complements the ‘Minimum Vital Guarantee Rate’ that the Huelva City Council approved in 2017 for Aguas de Huelva. A social action fee that was born to guarantee a minimum vital consumption of 100 liters per person per day to those families that prove they meet minimum vulnerability requirements.

Any user of Aguas de Huelva who considers that their family is eligible for the aforementioned tariff must start the procedures for this, since only those customers who have this associated tariff at the time the new invoice is issued can benefit from its benefits.

Pedro Peña, managing director of Aguas de Huelva, recalled that they have existed in the company for years “other rates that include social bonuses, applicable to large families, the unemployed, pensioners, the disabled and victims of gender violence. In addition, for all customers who request it regardless of their situation, there is the possibility of splitting debt, to help the user with the deferral of payment of specific invoices”.

For more information about these different modalities of bonuses and installments, customers can find out by calling the free phone number 900 14 1492, the free WhatsApp number 650 38 96 37, or through the Chatbot on their website. www.aguashuelva.es.

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