June 3, 2023
Actress Elena Valyushkina

Actress Elena Valyushkina


The other day in the NTV program “You won’t believe it!” there was a story that the actress Elena Valyushkina, known for the films “Formula of Love”, three parts of “The Last Hero” and the just released “Challenge”, got married for the third time. It was at the premiere of “The Challenge” that the journalists “caught” the actress.

The program reported: “The 60-year-old actress can not wait to share the good news: after two marriages, which, according to Valyushkina herself, were not very successful, she met her one and only. Beloved Valyushkina is a stately, imposing man in the prime of life, next to him the actress glows with happiness. Elena Valyushkina reports: her Andrey is a financier, they met at a party with friends. And the correspondents of our program notice the actress has a ring on the ring finger of her right hand … “

The program also included a direct speech by Valyushkina herself.

– Andrey is my young man. Did you think we were just walking around like that? Andrew don’t answer them, don’t say anything! Look into your eyes, not your fingers! Yes, we were already in the registry office, and you all blew it! ..

But the actress had just come to visit Komsomolskaya Pravda radio, and there she answered the question, “They say you got married for the third time. This is true?” replied, “No, of course not.”

– Our favorite program “You won’t believe it” appeared, they always fly up like that – “And with whom are you standing?”, “Is this your young man?”, “Are you already married?” I say yes!” And that’s it. And this is my neighbor, a wonderful friend, who was with me at the “Challenge”, at the premiere in the cinema. And next to him was his wife Lena. But why bother [журналистов «Ты не поверишь»]? They’re more interested in sharing information. So like this. I am free, easy. But I don’t know who might show up. Lord, why not go out a third time? You can also go out!

Listen to a big interview with the actress in the near future on radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and read on the website KP.RU.

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