May 30, 2023
Alla Pugacheva

Alla Pugacheva


The story around the sale of the castle Alla Pugacheva in the Mud received an unexpected continuation. The “new owner” of the mansion was brought to light, calling him a deceiver. A few days ago, Stas Baretsky announced that he had bought the Diva’s house for 450 million rubles and was going to turn it into a crematorium.

News that the castle Alla Pugacheva in the village of Mud sold to a mysterious billionaire, stirred up the public. A little later, the ritualist Stas Baretsky said that it was he who would now be the host in the famous mansion Alla Borisovna.

The showman also said that laid out about 450 million rubles for Pugacheva’s property. I bought it, they say, at a big discount, since the singer was in a hurry to sell the property and was already taking things out by cars.

However, it seems that Baretsky shamelessly lied about buying a house. “Stas Baretsky was forgotten in our country, and he decided to remind himself of himself in the wake of the sale of the castle. Cheap hype“, – secular chronicler Ilya Sagliani brought the showman to clean water in a comment 7 days. According to him, even half of the transaction amount would not have been found on the showman’s bank account.

Previously producer Sergei Dvortsov called Baretsky’s statement about the purchase of Pugacheva’s castle “nonsense and lies”. He urged the showman to show documents confirming the purchase and noted that, according to his sources, another businessman acquired the castle.

“This comrade is a showman. This comment that he wants to make a mortuary-crematorium out of this house, honestly, this is inadequate. This is nonsense, a lie, he could not buy. At least he would just think with his head … Let him personally these documents will show who he negotiated with. I have reliable sources that another businessman has already purchased a house, “he is quoted as saying “Gazeta.Ru”.

Dvortsov added that initially a fan of the singer and a big businessman claimed to buy the castle. “The deal took place at the end of March for 1 billion rubles. That is, he may have already moved into this house, he lives,” the producer explained.

As for Pugacheva, she does not comment on rumors about the deal. The prima donna leads a quiet life in Israel.

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