June 1, 2023

The terrazzo floor is a type of coating for exteriors and interiors that is made with a layer of cement mortar with mixed stones or pebbles. This gives it different styles, thicknesses, textures, porosities and colors.

To make these slabs, the stones that are most used are usually the granite or marble, previously crushed. However, a terrazzo floor it can be made of many other types of rocks.

Combining this coating can be colored with a huge range of pigments that give all kinds of nuances and, once dry, it can be polished to a more lustrous finish.

Terrazzo floors have a high mechanical resistance. They are especially strong against abrasion and offer durability and resistance similar to that of concrete floors. Therefore, its maintenance is minimal and cheap.

For interiors and exteriors

This type of material is so varied and versatile It is used to be installed indoors in homes and outdoors such as patios and garages. The terrazzo manufacturers they usually have both ranges.

the tiles of terrazzo for interiors They are the so-called micro-china tiles and medium-grain China tiles. The former usually have very small stones that, as a whole, offer an elegant appearance and come in as many colors as required.

The latter show larger pieces of granite or marble and are also available in various shades. Both modalities of terrazzo for interiors have in common the glossy and smooth finish which, subjected to crystallization or with several layers of waxes, give very bright aspects.

The terraces for exteriors they have more varieties because their use is very diverse and they range from garages, through public playgrounds and parks such as balconies, swimming pools, gardens or squares.

Terrazzo flooring construction for garages and other exteriors is flexible and offers thousands of possibilitiessince you can install prefabricated pieces or use the cast-in-situ method that mixes the pebbles with the concrete in an infinite number of shapes and finishes.

The best thing is that a good company offers the freight transport service for terraces where its installation is necessary. In other words, they not only deal with the manufacture of this material, but they also take care of leaving it in the place that the client requires.

The 5 types of terrazzo for garages or exteriors

As said, the terrazzo floor It can be used for internal spaces as well as external. In interiors they are defined by the grain or the size of the stones that compose it. But, for outdoors the variety is greater and these 5 models stand out:

1.- Hydraulic tiles

These tiles are made with concrete and are not baked, rather they are imprisoned with hydraulic presses (hence their name). This type of construction, despite being much slower than firing ceramics, gives them strength and durability as an added bonus.

They are generally intended to be installed following design patterns with striking drawings in which strong colors such as blue, orange, red or green prevail. It almost always has very classic motifs and smooth finishes, although some quite modern motifs have started to appear.

2.- Rough tiles

It is a similar pavement in terms of the manufacture of hydraulic tiles. It has shot blasting or rough, thick, and non-slip granules. Rough tiles come in different colors and they are perfect for all types of exteriors.

3.- Shot-blasted tiles

They are exactly the same in terms of manufacturing as the rough ones, only that the designs are based on lines or low reliefs all types. Also its shine and grain vary from coarse and rustic to more polished.

4.- Polished relief tiles

These terrazzo tiles are made to give the outdoors luxury appearance. They have low and high reliefs forming patterns. They can be used indoors if a country feel is desired.

5.- Washed edge tiles

Are are usually installed on site although they are sold by pieces too. Its most notable feature is that you can feel the little stones that are very noticeable at first glance.

They are widely used in areas around swimming poolswater sources, but its use in garages and patios guarantees durability and resistance.

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