June 1, 2023

Andrey Turchak, head of the working group on NWO issues, Secretary of the United Russia General Council introduced President the third report of the working group with proposals relating to the issues of SVO and social security of fighters and their families.


First of all, we are talking about equalizing the conditions for supporting all participants in the special operation. In particular, this applies to their monetary allowance. Now a mobilized volunteer receives 195 thousand rubles, wherever he is – in the rear or on the front line. A contract soldier is only at the forefront.

“Let me give you one example. The chief of staff of an army aviation regiment located in one of the front-line regions participates in the performance of tasks in the NVO, by definition, he is the chief of staff. But he receives several times less than the same rear serviceman who is behind the tape in the zone of a special military operation. We propose to carry out targeted legislative work and equalize the position of all participants in the special military operation. We would like to ask you to support this proposal.” said Andrey Turchak.

Vladimir Putin supported the initiative.

“That’s how it should be done. It is necessary to ensure, of course, equal conditions for all those who are fighting for Russia with arms in their hands. We don’t care what category a person belongs to. It is important how he relates to the Motherland. Here is the fundamental question. And it is necessary, of course, to achieve this equality, – said The president.

A unified approach to providing support should also be adopted for the families of NWO participants, emphasized Andrey Turchak.

“We propose to establish a single federal standard, including the minimum required set of support measures, and to provide additional support for the regionHeov with low budget security. So that, regardless of the region of residence, the family is equally protected,” he emphasized.


Next offer working group concerns the exclusion of combat and awards when calculating income for the purpose of assigning payments to children. Today it depends on the average per capita income of a family member over the past year. At the same time, payments received from the Ministry of Defense are not taken into account in relation to those mobilized as part of such income.

“In relation to contractors and volunteers, these payments are taken into account. We propose for everyone to exclude combat and awards when calculating income, so that this is fair, ”- said Andrey Turchak.

Also He proposed to restore the validity of the compulsory medical insurance policy for the period of vacation of fighters – planned and due to illness. This will help prevent long waiting times for NWO participants for operations and will give them the opportunity to be treated in civilian medical facilities.

“We discussed this topic with the Ministry of Health, with the Ministry of Defense, with the Main Military Medical Directorate. There is a common understanding, but this decision must be finally made, ” said Andrey Turchak.

Besides, head of the working group on NWO issues noted that it is necessary to remove restrictions on military mortgages. Now privates and sergeants who have served under the contract for more than 3 years are eligible to become participants in this program. At the same time, the loan for the purchased housing is paid by the state.

“We propose for CBO participants to remove this restriction of 3 years and reduce the minimum period for repayment of funds from the current 10 years to 3 or 5 years,” turned to President Andrei Turchak.


Besides working group on NWO issues proposes to legislatively expand the status of terrorist defense and volunteer people’s squads. In a number of regions where the yellow level of response has been introduced, the authorities recruited these units.

“People are actively joining these formations. The regions conduct training in tactical training and medicine, the use of small arms. At the same time, the legal status of these formations is now extremely limited. The main thing is that members of such squads do not have the right to carry and use weapons. We propose to eliminate this gap at the legislative level. noted Andrey Turchak.

He also noted that a separate block of the group’s work is connected with the improvement of the legal framework of the mobilization economy. Representatives of the group are working on solving problems in this area with Industry Minister Denis Manturov. The issue of reducing the requirements for the initiative creation of weapons requires a prompt solution, since today its development is associated with a large number of bureaucratic procedures.

“A tactical and technical task is required, a lot of approvals – from the head of the department to the head of the contenting body, the deputy minister of defense. As a result, numerous developments that are currently being done by our enthusiasts conditionally, in “garages” – these developments are actually used in combat conditions at the forefront – remain out of work. We propose to simplify the requirements for the initiative creation of weapons,” said Andrey Turchak.

Besides, He reported head of state on the legislative results of the work of the working group on issues of SVO. In particular, the State Duma adopted a law extending the status of a combat veteran to militias who fought for Donbass since 2014; a law that extends the effect of credit holidays to the parents and adoptive parents of a member of the SVO up to the complete cancellation of debts in the event of the death of a fighter or severe disability. In the first reading, the bill on free legal assistance to members of the SVO and members of their families was supported. The enforcement and administrative proceedings against the participants of the SVO were suspended and a ban was introduced on the arrest of their money accounts, a special 10% quota was fixed in universities for the admission of Heroes of Russia, persons awarded three Orders of Courage, as well as children of the participants of the SVO, and other support measures were taken.


Finally Andrey Turchak offered Vladimir Putin set federally July 1 as Combat Veteran’s Day.

“Today, in many regions of our country, paying tribute to our defenders, the heads of the subjects have established July 1 as the Day of Combat Veterans. We propose to establish a memorial date at the federal level,” said head of the working group on NWO issues.

He noted that on all proposals there is a consolidated position of all parliamentary parties.

“Thank you to you and to everyone who takes an active part in the work of the parliamentary group to support our children and their families,” concluded Vladimir Putin.

Working Group on NWO Issues created by order President. It is headed by First Vice Speaker of the Federation Council, Secretary of the General Council of United Russia Andrey Turchak. The group included representatives of both chambers of the federal parliament and all parliamentary parties, the Ministry of Defense, leaders of public organizations, and leading war correspondents.

Working group constantly monitors the provision of mobilized citizens, the receipt by them and their family members of the due payments, support measures, as well as a number of other issues related to the SVO.

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