May 30, 2023

The district mayor of San Telmo, Paco Ramón (IU), has denounced the situation in the districts of San Telmo and Valdelamusa, which are left without a bus service “without prior notice and at will” removing the only public service from the residents of transport that they have available since the line that unites the localities of Alosno and Riotinto is the only one that passes through these districts.

The company bus Ladies, which has the exclusive concession of the line, is provided “sometimes yes and sometimes no” depending on the need for drivers that the company has and leaving the neighbors without the possibility of going to their appointments. Neighbors especially use this transport to go to the Riotinto hospital as a reference center.

When the bus does not pass, the residents are forced to hire a taxi that they pay out of pocket to be able to go to the various medical appointments on time.

In the same way, the only way for the residents of San Telmo to get to Huelva capital is by taking the train (Huelva-Zafra Line) in Valdelamusa, a district that can only be reached by public transport by bus, so “ the days that the neighbors decide not to come cannot go to the capital either”.

No answers for the residents of San Telmo

Paco Ramón also denounces that the Damas company neglects the coordination of the lines. “They have not answered the phone or the demands of the neighbors for more than a year” so they have to remain at risk of the company’s decisions without even knowing in advance if they will have transportation or not.

From San Telmo They demand that the Junta de Andalucía take the necessary measures to end “this humiliating discrimination towards these districts that turns the inhabitants of the towns into second-class citizens” and has recalled the need to establish policies so that Empty Spain can recover, something for which “there seems to be a political consensus, but then it does not translate into measures for these municipalities and districts.”


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