May 30, 2023

A total of 11 applications will be presented at municipal elections on May 28 in Huelva capitalas the Provincial Electoral Board has made official this Wednesday morning and has published the Official Gazette of the Province (BOP).

It should be remembered that 31 councilors are in dispute and, compared to 2019, of the six parties with representation in the Huelva City Council, four, except for PP and Ciudadanos (Cs) are committed to repeating mayors. Currently, the Huelva City Council has representation from the PSOE (fourteen councillors), PP (four), Cs (two), Vox (two), Unidas Podemos (one) and Mesa de la Ría (two). Likewise, the mayor of Ciudadanos, Néstor Santos, left the party and became a non-assigned councilor, like Jesús Amador, who was dismissed as general secretary of Podemos.


Gabriel Cruz aspires to revalidate the Huelva Mayor’s Office for the PSOE with the absolute majority (14 councilors) that he achieved in 2019. This would also be his third term if he wins. Councilors Esther Cumbrera (Urban Habitat and Infrastructures) and Jesús Bueno (Employment, Economic Development and Strategic Planning) do not repeat on their list, but the journalist and former director of Canal Sur in Huelva, Inmaculada González, the civil servant Miguel Ángel Pérez and Luisa García, a teacher by profession and technical coordinator of the Valdoco Labor Insertion Center for 28 years.


The popular formation has a new candidate: the former president of the Port of Huelva and for many years a City Councilor, Pilar Miranda, after Pilar Marín headed the list in 2019. In this way, Miranda wants to recover the Huelva Mayor’s Office after the popular Pedro Rodríguez occupied it for twenty years, until 2015.


CS also appears with a new head of the list: Guillermo García de Longoria, who has been the spokesman for the formation in this legislature after the mayor, Néstor Santos, left the formation and occupied a seat in the plenary session as a non-attached councillor.

The Left of Huelva

On the other hand, Izquierda Unida, Podemos and Iniciativa del Pueblo Andaluz (La Izquierda de Huelva) are presented under the coalition with Andalusia and with Mónica Rossi as a candidate. Rossi, who is the current spokesperson for the Adelante Municipal Group, once again aspires to be mayor, although this time with this new coalition, after in 2019 she will present herself under the name Adelante Andalucía.

Forward Andalusia

In addition, jesus amador, current non-assigned councilor and at the time number two in the Adelante Andalucía candidacy for Podemos, is presented, on this occasion, under the acronym of Adelante Andalucía, promoted by Teresa Rodríguez, who aspires to achieve municipal representation. Amador already attended in 2019 at the confluence of Adelante Andalucía but after his dismissal as general secretary of Podemos in Huelva he became a non-assigned councilor.


Vox also repeats the candidate with Wenceslao Font, spokesman for the group in the Huelva City Council, which aspires to improve the municipal results harvested in the appointment with the polls in 2019, which two councilors provided. For this, it has included in its list the vice president of the formation in Huelva, María López Zambrano (number two), and María Ponce (number three), senator and spokesperson for Citizens in the Provincial Council during this legislature, but who decided to leave the orange formation after the elections in Andalusia.

For Huelva and Social Awakening

In addition, two new formations aspire to have representation in the Huelva City Council, on the one hand, PorHuelva, with Joaquín de la Torre; and, on the other, Despertar Social, with Pablo Gea.

Mesa de la Ría, Andalucía por Sí and Andalusian Nation

Likewise, the people of Huelva will also be able to choose the candidacies of Mesa de la Ría, in which Rafael Gavilán repeats as mayor; Andalucía por Sí, headed by Pablo Luna; and Nación Andaluza with Luis Pahissa as head of the list.


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