June 2, 2023


fans Alla Pugacheva every day they discuss the news about the sale of the Diva’s castle in the village of Mud. It was reported that the estate was acquired by a mysterious rich man, Alla Borisovna, for a billion rubles. However, now there are details about the deal that saddened the fans of the singer.

Stas Baretsky said that he allegedly bought the castle Alla Pugacheva in the Moscow region for 450 million rubles. At the same time, it is known that Alla Borisovna wanted to get a billion rubles for the house. The showman has publicly announced that he wants to accommodate in the legendary mansion “largest” crematorium.

“Before that, I said that I was going to buy a castle. We were just negotiating, everything was serious, we were bargaining. And now the deal has passed, so I can safely talk about it. The negotiations were difficult. Alla Borisovna I was embarrassed by the question of whether the castle belonged to the ritual business,” the odious showman said.

He noted that not only the largest crematorium will be made from the castle. “There will be a morgue to him, we will have certain zones, some ritual shops, warehouses will be,” the radio station quotes him. “Moscow Speaks”.

The showman also said that plans to sell gilded coffins and paraphernalia with gold splashes. “It will be for the elite, because we simply can’t fill everyone. But we will also develop charity: we will distribute simple coffins to citizens and provide legal advice on funeral issues,” Baretsky quotes another shocking statement. “Lenta.ru”.

According to Baretsky, the singer probably needed money and was in a hurry to make a deal. The details of the purchase were negotiated by the parties in Israel and the Baltic states, the businessman noted. According to him, now pop star takes out his furniture with gazelles.

However, as Diva’s fans note, they do not strongly believe Baretsky’s words. Many perceived his words as a desire to remind themselves of themselves in connection with a high-profile newsbreak.

Meanwhile, producer Sergei Dvortsov announced earlier that Pugacheva had sold the castle in the village of Gryaz for a billion rubles.

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