June 3, 2023
Comedian Alexander Morozov said that Zelensky turned into Hitler

Comedian Alexander Morozov said that Zelensky turned into Hitler

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the publication in the social network

Showman and star of “Crooked Mirror” Alexander Morozov after his phenomenal weight loss disappeared from the radar a few years ago. It turned out that for three years now the comedian has been in a state of “non-concert”: two years of covid, a year of a special operation is not the right time for jokes.

Meanwhile, the showman has something to say. So, in the YouTube show on the channel “Paragraph and Yyhu with him” Morozov spoke about his colleagues who left the country, who are touring the world, ridiculing Russia. He did not name names, but expressed confidence that such jokes have a well-defined and generous customer.

“Probably, they had some kind of internal request to scold their former country, and at that moment someone came up behind and said: “Listen, you can earn money on this, we will pay you extra,” suggested the guest of the air. – Russophobia is in full bloom all over the world, and this is really making a huge fortune. I am not a politician, but I am a Soviet guy, so I know who the beneficiary is. I never liked America. I think that there is a huge hand that is ready to pay for everything that destroys us from the inside. The Soros Foundation, for example, pours huge money into this. Another question is whether your paw is able to take this money.

At the same time, the showman did not rule out that the humorists who left would eventually want to return to Russia. But whether they will be accepted is a big question.

– What are they to do here? – Reasonably asked the star of “Crooked Mirror”. – There is such a wave of hatred here, this is already an insult to the people. And how to come to a country where all the people hate you? There must be such repentance, I don’t even know what kind. Stand on the frontal place, say: “Guys, I’m sorry.” We are kind, if sincere repentance, we can forgive. I am always for repentance. But if it is not, it is better not to return.

And most categorically, Morozov spoke about his ex-colleague and current President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.

– You have no idea how I was waiting for Zelensky’s victory. But he deceived me, destroyed all my dreams. I thought he would come to power, and immediately “peace – friendship – chewing gum”, we will go to Ukraine on tour. I didn’t think that a humorist, moreover, a good humorist could become Hitler. And he became – the showman declared categorically and without a shadow of irony.

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