June 2, 2023

‘Huelva Original’the visual and verbal identity created for the Huelva capital, follows the course of its different actions that seek to continue developing and strengthening the city’s own brand.

In this process to strengthen identity, ‘Huelva Original’ wants to build a new story based on testimonials from both citizens and visitors. Therefore, this Friday, April 28, between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. in the Plaza de la Constitución, in the heart of the city, you will be able to participate in a singular action of streetmarketing that will serve as a collection of visions of citizens regarding the city to build the new story about the shocking capital, based on the search for different “Neighborhood Ambassadors”.

In front of a large corporeal of the brand installed in front of the Town Hall, this citizen participation activity will be carried out in which those present will be encouraged to upload images to social networks using the brand’s promotional hashtag, #HuelvaOriginal # Original from Huelva.

Along with this action on social networks, whose main objective is to continue expanding awareness of the brand among citizens and visitors, all the people who come to the doors of the Consistory will be asked “why do you think Huelva is original?” . With the responses of the respective visions of the Huelva capital of passers-by and citizens, who will become authentic “Neighborhood Ambassadors”, different videographic pieces will be published that will soon be released through digital platforms and that will serve to continue materializing the identity of the city that exists in the common imagination, but that until now had not taken shape.

With this action, the new Huelva Brand is committed to one of the premises that it announced in its presentations in January, dubbed “originals from Huelva”, which seeks to highlight and value those places, moments and people linked to the Huelva capital in any of its forms, contributing to the same uniqueness and authenticity. Thus, this type of activity does not only try to recognize the unique character of the city, but also to discover its full potential in fields related to creation, innovation or science, since this, in addition to pride, will generate confidence in what Huelva has been and is capable of doing from an active plane.

Huelva Original, the city where everything begins

The Huelva Brand, presented to the public last January, was born from a joint construction process in which more than 1,200 people from Huelva participated, as an active part of the development of a shared story of the city in which people from the world of business and the economic revitalization of the city, various agents of public opinion, culture and cultural management, from the avant-garde to traditions, sports, the urban model, archeology and urbanism, tourism, the knowledge and education or commerce, in addition to different local ambassadors, both anonymous and well-known personalities from Huelva in many different fields.

In this way, it was guaranteed that the new Huelva brand would represent all the sectors and factions that create the city, thus making it much more than a tourism and visitor attraction brand, being built through specific attention to its own characteristics. of the city and the people of Huelva, as its slogan says, “Huelva, the city where everything begins”, a true reference to the pioneering character that the city possesses in many areas and milestones, such as its connection with trips to the New World, going through hosting one of the oldest civilizations in the West, such as Tartessos, the start-up of the first public radio station in the country and, of course, being the city of the dean of Spanish football, Recreativo de Huelva.

‘Marca Huelva’ is one of the projects included in the Huelva Large Cities Tourism Plan, which has an investment of 4.7 million euros, contributed 50 percent by the Junta de Andalucía and the Huelva City Council .


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