May 30, 2023

Photo: telegram channel “Morning of the South”

Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the zone of a special operation to protect residents of new regions of the Russian Federation and ordered to restore order, especially at checkpoints (checkpoints). The Russian leader stressed that it is unacceptable that the roads at the entrances to the Rostov region are “killed”, they need to be repaired. In addition, the head of state stressed that in order to solve the problem of congestion, checkpoints should be expanded. At the moment, he started working in test mode and is already in demand.

We are talking about the Ulyanovsk-Shramko checkpoint, opened between the DPR and the Rostov region. By May 15, it is planned to complete road repairs and open full-fledged traffic. RIA News with reference to the chairman of the government of the DPR Evgeny Solntsev.

“It is always impossible to be satisfied with the result, but, in fact, I was pleased that a lot of work has been done … 7 kilometers have been done on this side, 14 kilometers are still in work. Work continues, everything that has been planned will be completed. 4500 cars, today there are already 400 cars passing a day … I think that the flow will be increased, people will find out, and there will be more and more cars. The checkpoint will work in full force, we expect May 15, “- said Evgeny Solntsev.

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