June 6, 2023

Agents of the Local Police of Aljaraque while carrying out citizen security service in the Corrales nucleus, and thanks to neighborhood collaboration, they have proceeded to arrest an individual on whom there was a search, arrest and imprisonment order issued by a Court of Huelva.

As reported by the Police Corps, the events took place when the agents who were patrolling the town observed an individual in suspicious attitude. When asked about his address and the reason why he was there, this person provided ambiguous answers that did not provide the agents with reliability. For this reason, they proceeded to verify his identification and verify his situation with respect to background information and possible requisitions that could be recorded.

In this way, the agents were able to verify numerous antecedents, among which were, among others, several robberies with force in things, in addition to the search, arrest and imprisonment order that was in force.

Consequently, in order to proceed with their arrest, reading of rights and transfer in a police vehicle with a security screen, they requested support from the other service patrol to proceed with their transfer to the Civil Guard Post, as well as to prepare the proceedings. pertinent to bring them before the courts.


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