June 6, 2023
Julia Chicherina on air Radio "TVNZ".

Yulia Chicherina on the air of Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Photo: Alexander SHPAKOVSKY

On Tuesday, April 25, visit us to the studio on Radio KP (97.2 FM) came Alexander Prokhanov, Yulia Chicherina and saxophonist – virtuoso Sergei Golovnya.

By the way, Alexander Andreevich himself “invented” this program – I had only to conduct it.

Prokhanov introduced the guests – of course, in Prokhanov’s way.

About Chicherina:

… – Julia, whom I adore, is the Nightingale of Donbass, a singer from God. A singer who is loved by everyone who sits in the trenches, by everyone who participates in the counter-battery fight, by everyone who shoots down Bayraktars.

She climbs where not every attack aircraft will climb.

Yulia Chicherina.

Yulia Chicherina.

Photo: Alexander SHPAKOVSKY

She is the element, she is the face of Donbass. And the Donbass struggle has already been captured.

There are no novelists yet, there are no poets yet, there are no artists yet, but there is Chicherina.

Her songs are a powerful cast of all this delightful, terrible, victorious Russian cacophony.

About Golovna:

… – Next to Chicherina is a “mortarman”, he brought with him a giant caliber “mortar”. (In truth, there were two “mortars” – bass sax and tenor sax. – A.G.)

When Sergei puts his quivering lips to the “mortar”, enemy fortified areas are destroyed.

Sergei Golovnya is one of the main “initiators” of the Russian counteroffensive, which is now being prepared.

So as soon as he finishes his roulades, this saxophone will be back there, in position.

Sergei Golovnya, Yulia Chicherina, Alexander Prokhanov and Alexander Gamov.

Sergei Golovnya, Yulia Chicherina, Alexander Prokhanov and Alexander Gamov.

And here is what the master said about his poems, which the singer set to music:

– I don’t even know if these are my poems. Because when the Donbass happened, it stunned every living soul.

The soul, which was dozing, slept, it woke up and woke up.

The soul admired, prayers, delights, sometimes tears, sometimes verses escaped from it.

Just poems poured out of me, and these are reporting poems. Each verse, he talks about how high-rise buildings are taken, how sweeps are going on, how another drone is shot down.

And a miracle happened, a singer came across my poems. She simply stumbled upon them when she walked along the potholes of these Donbass military roads, she stumbled, looked at her feet, and there were Prokhanov’s poems.

And she wrote her divine songs on these verses.

Alexander Prokhanov.

Alexander Prokhanov.

Photo: Alexander SHPAKOVSKY

However, and Chicherina immediately admitted:

– Alexander Andreevich says that he did not write these poems, I did not write this music either. We went to Red Square at night and listened to the stones with which it is paved …

Yulia Chicherina.

Yulia Chicherina.

Photo: Alexander SHPAKOVSKY

And about our broadcast, Prokhanov said – well, very loudly:

– I called it a concert, but maybe it’s more than a concert.

This is a kind of mystery, because many genres are combined into one focus.

And in this combination there are a lot of feelings, prayers, formidable forebodings, omens, such a victorious deep Russian rhythm.

Therefore, these chants, this music, I perceive them as a kind of such a temple action.

This is not a simple studio recording.

The people who will listen to us will see us, they are the parishioners of this church, which contain Yulia Chicherina and Sergey Golovnya among their musical compositions.

… In general, in this our radio program there was a lot of irony, sadness, tears, optimism.

And all this you will see, listen to and experience right here and now – links to audio And video before you please…

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