June 6, 2023
Hearings begin in the United States in the case against Trump, accused of raping a journalist

Hearings begin in the United States in the case against Trump, accused of raping a journalist


New York court begins selection of jurors who will consider a new case opened against the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump. His accuse in an attempted rape that allegedly took place over 30 years ago.

The plaintiff is a 79-year-old journalist Jean Carroll. For many years she wrote her own column in Elle magazine, publishing her advice for readers of this glossy publication.

Caroll claims she met Trump in the mid-1990s. One day, she accepted his invitation to go shopping: the billionaire was looking for lingerie for a gift and asked Carroll to help him with such a delicate choice.

In one of the large stores, both went to the fitting room, where Trump, according to Carroll, attacked her and tried to rape her. She does not yet explain how this could happen in such a crowded place. Also, for some reason, the plaintiff did not scream then, did not ask for help. But the lady was able to fight off the intrusive Trump, since in her statement it was an attempt to rape, and not anything else.

Carroll’s surviving friends confirm her story, insisting that immediately after shopping with Trump, the journalist told them about what happened. But for some reason, neither they nor Caroll decided not to go to the police. But after a few decades, everyone is ready to paint the smallest details of the incident in the courtroom.

This story is not new. Caroll first spoke about her in 2019having published her memoirs, but for some reason she decided to go to court only now.

Trump himself said that not only about the attempted rape, but also about Caroll herself, he learned quite recently, when he was told printed revelations journalists. The former and possibly future president of the United States believes that the lady simply made up this story to boost sales of her memoirs, and the lawsuit was part of an ongoing campaign to discredit him.

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