June 1, 2023

He Full of the Huelva City Hall approves the Strategic Plan for Mitigation and Adaptation to climate change and the Local Youth Plan in the last plenary session of the legislature.

The Climate Change Plan has gone ahead with the support of all political groups except for the abstention of United Podemos and the non-attached councilor Jesús Amador and the vote against the Vox group. As explained by the spokesman for the government team and Councilor for Tourism Promotion of Huelva Abroad and University, Francisco Baluffo, in statements prior to the plenary session “the final approval of this plan is great news for our city, because with it Huelva will places Andalusia at the forefront as the first city to have three converging tools, keys to the ecological transition: the calculation of the carbon footprint; the Green Infrastructure Plan and the Municipal Climate Change Adaptation Plan of the City of Huelva”

It is a comprehensive and transversal plan with a transdisciplinary vision, which presents an analysis of the environmental and social reality of the city, allowing the delimitation of strategic lines to systematize, coordinate, optimize and expand municipal environmental policies, which has been translated in a document prepared by the professor of Ecology Enrique Figueroa. Thus, finally, it contains 14 strategic lines and 1,171 strategic measures or actions, all of them framed in the spirit of the SDGs. With this final approval culminates

Similarly, at the request of the Government Team, the Local Youth Plan has gone ahead with the favorable votes of all political groups except Vox. The spokesman expressed his satisfaction with “the presentation of the Youth Plan to the Plenary for its approval, a comprehensive action framework that includes a total of 48 specific measures and which includes all the concerns, worries and aspirations of Huelva’s youth, a very important segment of the citizenry that represents 15% of the population and with whom we have to count to build the Huelva of the future”.

Likewise, the modification of the regulatory ordinances of the Increase in the Value of Urban Land (Plusvalía) and of the fee for examination rights has been approved.

In the case of the first, the necessary coefficients for the calculation of the taxable base of this tax carried out by the General State Budget Law for 2023 are updated, opting for the most beneficial for the Huelva taxpayer, in such a way that in eleven of they will not apply the increase reflected in the PGE. Baluffo indicated that these are “new measures aimed at reducing the tax pressure in the capital and achieving greater social equity and economic equality among the people of Huelva, with which there are already 29 tax incentives approved by the Consistory in this sense in what it’s year”

The plenary session as a whole has achieved the consensus of all the political groups to raise two institutional declarations. The first one, on the occasion of the International Day of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity that is celebrated on May 12, in order to show solidarity and empathy with all the people who suffer from this pathology, who Among other things, it is a chronic disease that continues to be difficult to diagnose and that creates difficulties in people’s daily lives.

“With this declaration we want to express our commitment to offer services for their day to day and comprehensive care in the health and social fields within their competences and urge the relevant administrations to allocate more resources to guarantee the training of professionals in these pathologies and its treatments and improve the lives of people who suffer from it”, as the spokesman previously stated.

The second of the institutional declarations is the one related to the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, which will be celebrated on April 28, thus expressing the firm municipal commitment to fight for the person to be the center of labor relations. , prioritizing their rights, their full development, and their integrity over any other social or economic factor.

Opposition motions

At the proposal of the municipal group of the Popular Party, a motion has been approved that urges the plenary session of the City Council to agree to adapt the urban planning regulations and municipal ordinances related to buildings, works and renewable energy installations to the Law to Promote the Sustainability of the Territory of Andalusia, known as LISTA, in order to facilitate and simplify paperwork and administrative procedures. This motion has had the favorable vote of PP, PSOE, Ciudadanos, Mesa de la Ría, Vox and Néstor Santos, the abstention of Unidas Podemos and the vote against of the non-attached councilor jesus amador.

Also at the request of the Popular group, a motion has gone ahead that demands that the City Council urge legal services to draft an internal information or complaints system that includes a record of claims, with the favorable vote of all political groups except Vox, that he has abstained.

All the political groups have supported the Ciudadanos proposal for the City Council to carry out an infrastructure improvement plan for the Supra Comunidad Parque Residencial San Sebastián in response to the demands of the residents.

Unanimity in the proposal of United We Can on car parks for people with reduced mobility that proposes to signpost and correctly configure reserved spaces, carry out an informative campaign in the media and social networks about the obligation and respect that motorists must comply with with respect to this , and that violators of the rule be withdrawn and punished as soon as possible.

The two proposals of the Vox political group have also achieved the consensus of all the political groups that make up the plenary session. The first one that asks the City Council to seek an urgent solution, mediating with the University of Huelva or through its own initiative, so that FEAFES can undertake the repair of the Casita Blanca as soon as possible, a property in which it cannot act due to the presence of a squatter despite the fact that the council gave up its use to house its headquarters and a therapeutic center. In the second, the consistory is urged to act in the three passages located in the Barriada del Carmen, so that they have at least lighting, the wiring does not pose a danger and the repair of the walls and ceilings is undertaken.

It has also gone ahead with the favorable votes of all the groups except for the abstention of Mesa de la Ría the motion of the non-attached councilor Néstor Santos who asks the City Council to urge the Government of the Junta de Andalucía to create the ‘Recreational Fisheries Advisory Council ‘ Within the collegiate bodies of the current General Directorate of Fisheries and Agriculture, attached to the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development, as a body for consultation and debate between the Ministry and the recreational fishing sector.


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