June 6, 2023

The candidate of La Izquierda de Huelva (Izquierda Unida, Podemos, Iniciativa del Pueblo Andaluz), Monica Rossihas collected the proposals of the Andalusian Council of Professional Associations of Social Workfor the municipal elections, where the proposals regarding social services and other areas of municipal competence were also addressed.

Rossi believes “absolutely necessary” the creation of social work places for other Municipal Areas. In these next four years, “the bases must be laid to meet the ratio of professionals defined by the General Council of Social Work (1 for every 1,700 Huelva) and develop rights policies as opposed to charitable policies, enabling professionals can guide people in their processes of change and integration”.

This fact is especially relevant in a city where more than 36% of the population is at risk of social exclusion and which “must be taken care of with active policies”.

Rossi, recalled that social workers and Social Services were essential during the COVID-19 pandemic; “They were on the front line of the battle against the pandemic and made it possible for many people to access benefits and aid that, otherwise, would hardly have reached the majority of the population, preventing many families from falling into risk of poverty or in the social exclusion”. So much so, that the Central Government described this service as an essential public service.

Bearing in mind that 36.6% of Huelva residents are at risk of social exclusion, and social services are essential to prevent these people from reaching a situation of exclusion from which it is very difficult to get out, or that the number of people who are in that situation; This is “a very serious risk in Huelva, where the weakness of economic activity in the capital causes more than 60% of workers to have a salary equal to or less than the Minimum Interprofessional Wage”.

Social services and Social Work professionals are a reference of the public system of social services; “fundamental to act on people’s lives, enabling changes that allow them to integrate into different areas of society, such as work, community life or access to basic services and goods”.

Rossi denounces the excess of work in social services

For this, it is necessary to “relieve the teams of excessive bureaucratic work, increase the number of professionals and adapt the priorities of Social Services to current circumstances, surpassing the model in force since 1997, when the current areas and strategic priorities were created.” for them”, Rossi pointed out.

For #QueLaEsperanzaHuelva, from La Izquierda de Huelva propose the creation of new Social Work areas and complete the Social Services Teams, by the City Council. Introduce the registration of social work professionals as a requirement for access to public employment.

Mónica Rossi, who is a social worker, also proposes to make the Huelva population aware of the function of the public system of community social services and promote the normalization of access to them.

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