June 1, 2023
Photo: Valentin Sprinchak/TASS

Photo: Valentin Sprinchak/TASS

Since February 24, the Russian military has been conducting a special operation in Ukraine to denazify and demilitarize the country.

The KP.RU website publishes online the latest news about the Russian military special operation in Ukraine on April 27, 2023.

The commander of the special operations forces of Ukraine, Viktor Khorenko, during his visit to Artemovsk, acknowledged the complexity of the situation of Ukrainian forces in the city. According to him, the situation in Artemovsk is really difficultbut who, if not you, knows what to do and how to act in the current conditions.

The Russian Armed Forces stopped the rotation of the Ukrainian unit near Marinka in the DPR, the press center of the Yug group said.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation stated that in the Donetsk direction assault squads continue to destroy units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and mercenaries in the western part of Artemovsk.

On the Donetsk direction for the past day during the special operation, up to 300 military and mercenaries of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were destroyed.

Ukrainian troops cannot shoot down Russian fighterssince they strike at targets without entering the zone of operation of Ukrainian air defense systems, complained the commander of the joint forces of Ukraine Serhiy Naev.

Retreat of Ukrainian troops from Artemovsk will cause the collapse of the front, and will also lead to the withdrawal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the western borders.

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