June 2, 2023
the heat has arrived. The temperature in Huelva capital has registered this Wednesday a record for the month of April with a maximum of 35.8 °C in the Huelva – Ronda Este observatory of Aemet.

It is the highest temperature recorded for a month of April in Huelva capital beating the 35.2 °C of the year 1945 registered in the old observatory of the City Council (1920-1984).

From the Aemet they had already warned that this unusual phenomenon of heat would arrive in Huelva, although the forecasts they have fallen short. For Huelva capital, the thermometers were expected to reach an official maximum of 33 degrees this Wednesday, with which the thermal sensation in the sun could touch 40 degrees Celsius.

The summer weather situation, more typical of July and August than of the end of April, will continue until next Monday, the day on which the maximum temperatures are expected to begin to drop.

Heat throughout southern Spain

It has not been the only Spanish provincial capital in which temperature records have been broken this month. The intense heat has also affected Córdoba 36º, Sevilla 35.5º Granada 34º, Jaén 32.5º or Ciudad Real 32.2º, all of them records.


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