June 1, 2023

The Plaza Doce de Octubre in the capital has hosted at 12:00 the kick-off of the challenge to beat the Guinness record 72:13:08 hours cutting ham. The famous master cutter from Huelva John Baptist Gil has set out to reach a new Guinness Record in Huelva for hours cutting ham uninterruptedly.

It should be noted that this is a charity event that has the support of the Huelva City Council and that will conclude on Saturday, April 29 around noon. Until then, all the people of Huelva can come to witness how Juan Bautista cuts ham, as well as they will be able to buy dishes of this delicacy of Huelva gastronomy at a symbolic price of 5 euros.

As the mayor of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz, has highlighted, “it is about promoting the gastronomy of Huelva and our star products but without forgetting to look at those people and entities that need it most, such as the Virgen de la Cinta and the Matadero neighborhood, as well as two associations, Médula-Te and Dolmen Animal”.

The mayor also wanted to show “how excited he is John the baptista very generous and caring person who takes on a very important challenge, which is a real pride for all of us and who during these next three days when he has to cut more than 148 kilos of ham needs the warmth and affection of everyone , but we are sure that the encouragement will have it and the support already has it “.

In this sense, the mayor of the city has praised Juan Bautista’s “professionalism, abilities, skills and above all his heart, which is bigger than all that, and is going to give Huelva a Guinness Record, and it will to also do something as important as gastronomy and helping a lot of people”.

For his part, Juan Bautista, in addition to thanking the immense support he has had from collaborators and sponsors to face this record, has expressed that “we face this challenge with great enthusiasm and great desire but, above all, it is about selling all the ham to raise as much money as possible.

This event will therefore become a real revitalization activity with an important solidarity purpose. The objective is to involve all citizens and get them involved in the best possible way, consuming the more than 36 hams that Juan Bautista will cut from today until Saturday.

As the cutter himself has explained, it is established that for every hour of work that he completes, he has five minutes of rest, but since stopping every five minutes is not viable, he plans to accumulate those minutes and the guideline to follow will be 6 hours of work and 30 minutes of rest until the challenge is over.

During these three intense days, judges from the Athletics Federation will be in charge of controlling the schedule and the weigh-in to ensure that the guidelines established by the Guinness World Record to certify the record are met. The final act will be certified by a notary and sent together with the uninterrupted recording of the entire process up to Guinness.


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