June 1, 2023
Alexander Novak.  Photo courtesy of the Russian Society of Knowledge

Alexander Novak. Photo courtesy of the Russian Society of Knowledge

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Novak personally talked with the participants of the Federal Educational Marathon Knowledge. The First of the Russian Society “Knowledge”. The topic of the conversation with the youth was Russia’s new strategy in the field of energy security.

For more than 10 years, Alexander Novak has been responsible for the country’s energy system, its position in the global energy market, and everything related to these issues. In his speech on the topic “Energy Geopolitics: Russia’s New Energy Security Strategy”, he noted the exceptional position of the energy industry in Russia.

“Energy is a strategic industry for our country. In fact, this is an industry on which the work of other industries, the livelihood of our population depends. We can say that the state of the entire economy depends on the state of energy. Why? Because 17% of our country’s GDP is formed by the energy industry. 65% of Russian exports are energy,” the speaker emphasized.

Alexander Novak spoke about the challenges that the Russian energy industry has been facing in recent years. Among them are the transition from traditional energy to renewable energy sources, a sharp drop in energy demand during the pandemic, the intervention of unfriendly countries in market mechanisms, including the unprecedented step of the collective West to introduce a cap on oil prices. He noted that this led to global changes, but as a result, Russia managed to establish new supply chains and shift the vector from European markets towards India, China and Latin America.

In a conversation with the participants of the marathon, Alexander Novak touched upon the topic of technological sovereignty in the energy sector. “I believe that achieving technological sovereignty is a paramount strategic task, because without having our own critically important technologies, it is impossible to ensure the solution of the problems that the fuel and energy complex faces. Since 2014, we have done a lot of work in this direction. For example, if earlier we were dependent on catalysts in the production of gasoline, today we already produce them ourselves. There are developments in the field of extraction of hard-to-recover deposits, inclined drilling. We have made very good progress in the production of liquefied natural gas. Two years ago, NOVATEK launched the first such plant using Russian technologies,” the speaker said.

Answering a question about the professions that will be in demand in the energy sector in the coming decades, Alexander Novak noted that the profession of an engineer will not lose its relevance, but will change: in addition to technical knowledge, specialists will need the ability to work with artificial intelligence technologies. Already, digital technologies are helping to identify promising locations for the development of oil and gas fields and significantly increase the productivity of the industry.

Also among the speakers of the third day of the marathon in Moscow: Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Chernyshenko, journalist, TV and radio host Vladimir Solovyov, General Director of the State Corporation “Roscosmos” Yuri Borisov, Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin, Chinese journalist, poet and translator, specialist in the field of cross-cultural communication, director for Russia and the CIS countries of the China International Public Relations Association (CIPRA), honorary professor of the University of Hong Kong and the Russian University of Economics. G. V. Plekhanov Sun Yue and the Uma2Rman group.

Performances by lecturers Znanie.Pervye go from April 24 to April 26 at the same time in all five marathon studios: in the Central Manege in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Arkhangelsk, Pyatigorsk and Lugansk. Online viewers can follow the parallel broadcasts on the website https://marathon.znanierussia.ru, in the group of the Russian society “Knowledge” VKontakte https://vk.com/znanierussia, as well as in the virtual space “KoMeta” from Sberbank.

The three-day program is united by the idea of ​​a gradual transformation of the hero of our time – a person who acts, because Russia today is a country of rapid changes and its future depends on each of us. The lecturers of the marathon – the heads of large companies, famous scientists, prominent representatives of the field of culture and art, military personnel and war correspondents, doctors, government officials and many other professionals – show young people opportunities for self-realization, guidelines and options for action so that they can see the potential for themselves, choose what they are most interested in, actively move forward along the path of self-realization, become the authors of their future and the future of their country.

About educational marathons

The first Educational Marathon took place in May 2021 and became a symbol of the reboot of the Russian Knowledge Society. The next marathon was timed to the Day of Knowledge and was held from September 1 to September 3, 2021. The third Educational Marathon was held from May 17 to May 19, 2022 and was dedicated to new opportunities that open up to young people in various fields. From August 31 to September 2, 2022, the fourth marathon took place, and for the first time residents of new regions joined it.

The New Horizons Marathon won the first National Internet Content Award in the Enlightenment and Education nomination. The award for the victory was presented to the Russian society “Knowledge” on June 2, 2022. The award was established in 2021 by the Internet Development Institute with the support of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives.

The Russian society “Knowledge” traces its history from the Soviet public organization, founded in 1947 on the initiative of representatives of the Soviet intelligentsia as the “All-Union Society for the Dissemination of Political and Scientific Knowledge” (since 1963 – the All-Union Society “Knowledge”, since 1991 – the Society ” Knowledge of Russia). Members of the Society were engaged in the popularization of science, lectured on the achievements of the Soviet economy and industry. In 2016, “Knowledge of Russia” was transformed into the All-Russian Public and State Educational Organization “Russian Society “Knowledge”. On April 21, 2021, in the Address of the President of the Russian Federation to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin announced the need to restart the Russian Knowledge Society on a modern digital platform.

More information about the activities of the Russian society “Knowledge” – on site and in social networks of the project: In contact with, Telegram.

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