June 2, 2023

The spokesman for the municipal group of citizens (Cs) and candidate for Mayor of FogIgnacio Acebedo, assured today that the municipal Sports Pavilion is in a “deplorable state” and, for the moment, “it has no project or money for its repair” and criticized the “disastrous management of the City Council in everything that refers to Sports”.

Acebedo (Cs) pointed out that “putting an end to the tremendous chaos that exists in this area” will be one of his highest priorities in the next legislature, especially since “the families of Niebla cannot continue to suffer this situation of abandonment that endangers everyone who practices sports in these facilities, nor the scarcity of sports activities that exists in the municipality.

Among other problems, the spokesperson for the orange formation highlighted issues such as that “the roofs are in ruins, with problems when it rains and the risk of collapse, the deterioration and lack of hygiene in the changing rooms is evident, with broken doors and sinks and the absence of hot water multiple times.

He also denounced that the stands are dirty and deteriorated, with chairs torn off and piled up week after week, as well as the broken bins, the deteriorated paddle tennis court, with rusty iron, and the “impracticable” grass field, with broken nets and rotten iron. and loose.

In the case of the latter, Acebedo (Cs) recalled that a year and a half ago the City Council received a grant to fix the lawn in which it had to contribute 5-10% of the total budget. As he indicated, the City Council did not provide this money and the grant went to San Juan del Puerto.

“Two weeks ago a sign was placed to repair the lawn with its own funds,” he pointed out, but “we have asked who it is in the City Council and there is no finalized file and we have to issue an unfavorable report since there is no money in the Consistory to finish this work with own funds”. “It is clearly electoral propaganda,” he concluded.

Cs denounces the few sports activities

The Cs spokesman and mayoral candidate also criticized “the little initiative in terms of sports activities, and some that have been proposed have ended up being cancelled, so that parents have to take their children to neighboring towns.”

Lastly, he regretted that CD Iliplense, a club that is more than 40 years old, has had to withdraw from the competition because the City Council has not assumed the expense or reached an agreement with this entity.

For all these reasons, the Ciudadanos candidate for mayor of Iliplense, promises to give “a 180 degree turn” to sports management in the municipality and “to end all this chaos and abandonment.”



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