June 3, 2023

The Andalusian candidate Por sí Huelva (AxSí), paul moon held a meeting with the Secretary General of UGT HuelvaSebastián Donaire and the management of the union in which the pressing problems that Huelva has, its work environment and its citizens have been discussed and shared, “having a very good opportunity to explain some of our projects.”

Thus, from AxSí, “we have talked about the problems of the industry, the public sector and especially the problems of the elderly, who see the digital divide as a major problem.”

In the same way, from AxSí they have explained that one of their “most urgent concerns about Huelva is the lack of a varied labor market in what is the job offer. Putting on the table that to reduce this problem we wanted to promote cultural tourism based on the enormous archaeological wealth that Huelva has, with projects such as a Museum of Tartessos and the enhancement of Saltes, among other proposals, seeking to promote the city as has been done in neighboring Malaga».

“We are talking about an almost chronic problem that the city suffers, such as people in social exclusion, who live poorly on the streets of Huelva and generate problems with neighbors due to dirt or incidents,” they have pointed out from the political formation.

AxSí proposes a center for people in social exclusion

For this problem “we offered one of our flagship projects such as the creation of a center for people in social exclusion, restoring for this purpose the Old Huelva Prison, a space that would serve to provide numerous long-stay room spaces for these people They can have an improvement in their lives, with the opportunity to attend employment workshops with the aim of reintegrating into society.

For this to be possible, from AxSí they want that, together with the restoration of the building, “a security and support protocol be created, carried out by the Local Police and Civil Protection, which would collaborate with social workers and groups in the field.”

They have also been especially interested in the current situation of the “public worker in the Huelva City Council”. Where one of the demands made was the “almost zero renewal of personnel, already having an average age that could affect the quality of the service, if we talk, for example, of the Local Police with an average age of 52 years or the Service Firefighters with an average age of 55.


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