May 30, 2023

The fire returns with the rise in temperatures. The members of the Infoca Plan have had to be fully employed in the fire that since 5:30 p.m. has been declared in the area of ​​the Lagoon of El Portil (Punta Umbría), specifically at the entrance to the Los Patos roundabout.

Members of the Provincial Fire Department Consortium have also joined the extinction tasks, as it is a forest area close to the urban center, although after 7:30 p.m. no houses have had to be evacuated.

Forces fighting the fire

Three groups of 38-strong forest firefighters are working in the area, including two fire trucks and a helicopter. super cougar mobilized from the CEFO of Madroñalejo (Seville).

From the Infoca they have specified that it is an area with walkways “that has burned other times” and that the forest mass is made up mostly of pine and scrub.

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