June 1, 2023

The University of Huelva (UHU) hosts this week its XXIII Open Days, a traditional event of this academic institution through which about 3,000 high school students from the province will pass to learn about the different degrees and services offered by Huelva when they are at doors to access higher education for the first time.

The Vice Chancellor for Students UHU√Āngela Sierra, has expressed her joy at holding these open days, in which “we decorate our campus and convey to the Baccalaureate students that we are an innovative, close university with many opportunities”, she underlined.

“Our average size allows us a close relationship based on quality,” Sierra continued, after which she was convinced that “if we have what they want to study, we are their best option,” she remarked.

The vice-chancellor explained that, through the different stands set up by each of the University centers, all the students who attend the conferences “will get to know all our degrees and the management of all our services”, which that “it would not be possible without the help and collaboration of the entire university community, from the Social Council to the different services”, continued Sierra, after which he showed his gratitude to the more than 250 student volunteers who receive the students and students and tell them about their experience.

Alumni at the Open Days

The great novelty of these Open Doors days is that they coincide with the launch of the ‘Alumni’ programme, with which “we hope that there will continue to be links between the University of Huelva and the students who have already finished their studies” at this institution. , which are already close to 57,000.

In this way, “training and the employment and entrepreneurship services that we have continue to be provided”, while “they can use our sports facilities, library services or carry out the cultural activities that we offer”, he indicated.

The inauguration of the Open Doors days has also had the presence of the secretary of the Social Council of the University of Huelva, Susana Duque, for whom this event is “one of the most important activities” of Huelva, since “giving Knowing the enormous academic and training offer is important so that the facilities are known and the students bet on the University of Huelva”, so “the Social Council has to support this activity that complies 100 percent with our objectives” , it is finished.


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