120 thousand Petersburgers cannot travel abroad. “Paper”

About 120 thousand residents of St. Petersburg are deprived of the right to travel outside Russia due to debts. About this “Petersburg Diary” told Anna Lashkova, head of the Main Directorate of the Federal Bailiff Service for St. Petersburg. According to her, almost 5.5 thousand are deprived of the right to travel outside of Russia due to debts on alimony.

“It should be borne in mind that this is a preventive measure that is used to encourage the debtor to comply with the court decision. Many pay off their debts after they find out that the bailiff has issued a decision to temporarily restrict the right to travel abroad, ”said Lashkova.

She also added that the ban on traveling abroad can be found at the State Services.

What you need to know. After the announcement of “partial mobilization”, some potential conscripts also could not go abroad, as they were on the lists of border guards. By data Baza, from October 31, citizens who were previously subject to mobilization began to be released from Russia. According to the publication, information about the conscripts was removed from the database used by the border guards. At the same time, some are still not released due to “certain inertia”, told Dmitry Peskov.

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