Watch: A Young Fisherman Was About to Reel In Huge Catch But This Happens! This Will Shock You!

Nature is as nurturing as it is unforgiving. While we tend to forget this in the comfort of our homes, even a little trip to the outdoors can surely jerk you back to reality — like what happened to this young fisherman.

Not more than a day ago, a young lad and a man fishing. On the video, the young lad was about to get his huge catch when something unexpected happened.

While trying to reel in his huge catch, the young man is obviously excited and tense as he was almost on the verge of getting it out of the water.

But a huge alligator suddenly came and swiped away his catch leaving both men shocked.

On the other hand, many netizens made a joke out of the video while others were just plainly shocked by what happened.

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