WATCH: This Girl Was Just Working Out at a Gym But She Suddenly Started Doing This!

What would you do if you heard beautiful moaning sounds inside a gym? Sounds absurd, right?

This was exactly what Evo News caught on camera. In their video, we are introduced to a young woman lifting weights while lying down.

Behind her is an extremely ripped-looking guy, helping her lift the weights while smiling. He was trying real hard not to laugh while the woman was moaning passionately.

In another scene, we see the young woman again — this time, being helped by a different, younger-looking guy. The guy seems to enjoy helping her out because of her moaning.

Another man in the background noticed the woman and stopped to look at her. Apparently, the man has a companion — probably his child — and both couldn’t stop themselves from staring at the woman who was making the lewd noises.

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