Teen and Child Upskirts are “LEGAL” in These States

The Supreme Court has decided to let perverts take UPSKlRT shots of children & teenage GlRLS! If you live in one of these states you MUST speak out! This is disgusting!

#1 Oregon Man Takes Pics of 13-year-old girl

A man in Oregon was caught taking upskirt shots of a 13-year-old girl at a Target store. A customer saw what the girl didn’t notice and reported him to security. He was arrested but ended up getting away with his pervy hobby because Oregon’s “invasion of personal privacy law” requires that the person being photographed or recorded be in a “state of n*d*ty.”
It means that the subject’s g*n*tals, p*b*c area or br**sts have to be “uncovered or less than opaquely covered” for it to be considered a crime to take pictures of them without their consent. Bummer for 13-year-old girls everywhere, huh?

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