Very Simple Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life

Who doesn’t love to learn new habits that make life simpler? From creative baking tips to the cheapest iPhone speaker you’ve ever seen, here’s a roundup of interesting ideas that you may have never thought of.

Try these shortcuts out and see what works best for you.

#1. Peeling Bananas?

Don’t peel from the stem-this is what pulls all the stringy bits off the peel. Pull from the opposite end for no strings.

#2. A Plastic Cup Makes An Instant Loudspeaker

A clean and dry plastic cup, of course. Set your smartphone in the cup and the device’s speaker will instantly be amplified.

#3. Try Eating Cupcakes Differently

If you have the patience to cut it in half and create a cupcake sandwich, go for it.

#4. Cupcake Liners Make Great Drink Covers

Keep the bugs out at your next picnic.

#5. Find Other Uses For Household Tools

A dustpan makes a good funnel for filling up large buckets that won’t fit in the sink.

#6. Sliced Bread Keeps Baked Goods  fresh and doesn’t let it dry

Fresh bread out of the bag will help you to keep the moisture in cakes, cookies, and more.

#7. Have You Been Using Bobby Pins Correctly?

The wavy side goes towards your scalp, not the flat side. This increases grip.

#8. Staple Removers Help Open Up Key Rings

No more need to break your nails. In a pinch, an actual key can usually wedge itself in there as well so that you can open the ring.

#9. Bag Up Your Ice Cream

Placing ice cream in a zipped baggie will help it from getting freezer burnt and hard!

#10. Freeze Coffee Cubes For Iced Coffee

Skip the weirdness of frozen water and keep your iced coffee concentrated.

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