She Fed A Pregnant Lady Chocolate In A Concentration Camp. Seventy Years Later She Finds Out…

Few people truly know the terror of the Nazi concentration camps during World War II except those who experienced it firsthand. For the people who survived the camps, those memories still remain throughout their lives. At the age of 8, Francine Christophe was placed in Bergen-Belsen, where her mother smuggled in a piece of chocolate to save for when things got especially hopeless. However, when a pregnant woman in the camp was about to give birth with no medical care or painkillers, Francine’s mother asked her daughter to make a compassionate sacrifice. 70 years after the camp was liberated, Francine came across a familiar face, and when she realized who it was, she couldn’t help but cry. Even in the darkest of places, a small gesture can mean the world. It clearly did to both that pregnant woman and Francine.

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