Quezon City Jail Organises Beauty Pageant For Its Gay And Transgender Prisoners

Waxed legs, flawless skin, properly set hair, high heels worn by the beautiful bombshells are all that more or so define a normal Beauty Pageant. But have you ever seen gays or transgenders pulling off a catwalk? Leave, let’s keep this at bay! Have you come across a ramp set for drug addicts, murderers and criminals?

Well, the Quezon City Jail in the Philippines provides its prisoners with a unique platform. The opportunity is that of a Beauty Pageant which does not comprise of females but gays and transgenders doing the ramp walk. I don’t know how such an idea struck the organiser but it was really applaudable and the glimpses are not to be missed.

The pictures have been taken from Agence France-Presse 

The jail here is not filled with monotony but with entertainment

The jail here is not filled with monotony but with entertainment. This prison which has a space to accommodate 800 people has about 3800 prisoners at present. It is the most famous jails in the world since it keeps on organising events throughout the year.

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