O.F.W. Asks For Rescue After Her Employer’s Brother Attempted To Rape Her In Exchange For iPhone 7

A certain OFW gained the attention of the netizens after she shared how her employer’s brother attempted to rape her. The report was aired on TV 5’s Aksyon where Raffy Tulfo interviewed this unfortunate OFW identified as Ermalyn Banayado. According to her, her employer’s brother asked for a glass of water. But then followed her through the kitchen and cornered her. He offered her an iPhone 7 in exchange for sexual intercourse with her, but Banayado immediately refused. The suspect was furious upon her refusal and beat her up. He then attempted to rape her.

Fortunately, Ermalyn was able to get away. She immediately ran away to her room and locked up. However, after 24 hours, she was still unable to get out of her room due to fear. She tried reaching out to the Philippine embassy in Riyadh, but no one came for her.

Raffy Tulfo immediately called for Mr. Josefino Torres, Deputy Administrator of OVERSEAS WORKERS WELFARE ADMINISTRATION (OWWA) to ask for an emergency response from the officers in Riyadh.

However, another day has passed and Ermalyn still didn’t receive any call from POLO, Riyadh. Tulfo then reached out to Nestor Burayag, one of the Welfare officers in POLO Riyadh to ask for updates on the rescue for Banayado.

Sources: TNP facebook
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