Is This Man Able to Survive After Dropping 100 Feet and Being Electrocuted by 30,000 Volts?

Another user, Bobby Daniels, said, “The first thing I noticed was that the buildings they were filming at the beginning of the vid are nowhere to be seen while the guy was walking around freaking out.”

“Before I read the comments I watched it a couple of times and even scrolled slowly to find anything that matched the beginning and the end. No greenery in the beginning and no buildings in the second half. As a matter of fact, the beginning of the vid looks like a metropolitan area.”

“But the second half is in the country. The voltages on those lines are in excess of 500kV. Probably closer to 750 kV. He was dead before he fell. He certainly didn’t get revived by a second blast. I can’t believe anyone would actually argue that it’s real. Come on.”

Sources: TNP, Danified

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