Is This Man Able to Survive After Dropping 100 Feet and Being Electrocuted by 30,000 Volts?

People are normally killed or horribly injured when they get electrocuted by appliances and other electric equipment. However, what happens when you chance upon a man who got himself electrified by 30,000 volts, only to survive the ordeal and walk away?

Well, this video claimed that someone got electrocuted big time, and survived it. A footage of him was uploaded by YouTube account Afam Media, showing a man falling from an electrical tower. The second part of the footage, although questionable, showed supposedly the same person walking with a burnt skin.

The man dropped from the tower which is approximately 100 feet high. Netizens were amazed that despite what had happened, he still managed to walk like a normal person.

However, netizens commented on the video and said that the video featured two different men. YouTube user too big said, “Bulls**t. I saw the second half of this video about a year ago, this dude got out of the burning house. The first one is very very dead.”

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