Lady Hercules Could Lift Her Entire Family At 12, And This Is Her Right Now

We’ve all met someone who does some form of body building. These power junkies love to lift and are committed to building as much strength as humanly possible. Usually, though, body builders are well into adulthood. Have you ever met a 12-year-old girl that could lift four grown men at once? I’m guessing not. Some considered Varya Akulova the strongest girl in the world when she wowed the world with her superhuman strength as a child. She’s now 25 years old and has gotten out of professional weight lifting. You should hear her story!

Here’s a photo of Varya Akulova with her family when she was a child.

The family, from Krivoy Rog, Ukraine, had no idea they had the world’s strongest woman on their hands. She would start lifting weights by the age of four.

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