Ladies Who Do This In Bed During Contact Are Most Likely Cheaters

According to a study conducted and published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, women who regularly fakes orgasms during go time is less than faithful, that’s based on a survey carried out by 121 men and 138 women in heterosexual relationships and asked them about climaxing and cheating.

Although female orgasms’ intensity and frequency has little bearing on whether a woman has cheated before, it is more likely for her to cheat in the future. A particular link between the number of fake orgasms a woman does during climax can identify if she was to cheat.

It is said that, the more orgasm fake a woman make, the more likely she have done the dirty deed before and do it again someday. Dr. Tammy Nelson, a s*x expert revealed that 80% of women who faked orgasms admitted that they have cheated before.

Past studies have shown that women who fake it in bed are unsatisfied by their partner’s performance or unable to give them the pleasure they desire, which probably they find with someone else.

Source: TheSun
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