A King Snubbed At Rolls Royce Bought 6 Luxury Cars Then Used It Just To Collect Garbage

Rolls Royce cars were heavily favored by Indian royalty.

Jai Singh returned to his hotel room and instructed his servants to call the showroom and tell them that the Maharaja of Alwar city is interested in purchasing Rolls Royce cars. He showed up at the showroom dressed in his kingly attire. He found the red carpet rolled out for his visit and the salesmen lined up to receive him.

He chose six luxury cars and paid the full amount in cash, including the delivery costs. He arranged for the cars to be shipped to India. When the vehicles reached its destination, Jai Singh ordered the municipality to use the luxury cars to transport and collect garbage around the city. The word spread like wildfire. This affected the reputation of the luxury carmaker and their revenues dropped rapidly. People who used to drive their Rolls Royce cars with pride and joy were now embarrassed to drive them knowing the same luxury cars were being used to collect garbage in India. The reputation of Rolls Royce dropped rapidly all over the world.

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