This Is Happening To Train Tracks All Over The Country And The Reason Is

Between the unreasonable costs of flying and the 1.3 million deaths each year caused by automobile accidents, railway travel is a relatively safe and affordable option if you need to get from point A to point B. There’s something relaxing about being able to move about the car while remaining grounded.

But that doesn’t mean taking the train doesn’t come with its own kind of danger. There’s a phenomenon called

“buckling” that’s so terrifying, you might not believe it’s real—but it definitely is, and it could affect a train track near you.

Above is an example from Australia of what can happen when a train track “buckles.”

Want to see this bizarre phenomenon in action?

Buckling happens when the track heats up, and the steel expands and shifts rapidly. Guess we can rule out taking the train during those hot summer days. Better to put ourselves in giant bubbles and just roll everywhere!

Source: boredomtherapy

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