These Guys Took A Picture While Hunting For Ghosts & Found Something Entirely Creepy

Ghost hunters on a haunted hospital tour were stunned to see that a picture of them had been photobombed by an eerie corpse-like woman smiling at the camera.

The images, which were captured during the Haunted Happenings public investigation this past spring, are some of the creepiest to hit the internet this year.

The Newsham Park Hospital and Orphanage is a 99,000 square-foot labyrinth of corridors, hallways, hospital wards, chapels, and mortuaries, and when you consider the building’s turbulent, 138-year history, it’s no surprise the location is crawling with paranormal activity. The institution opened its doors in 1874 to 321 orphaned children, all of whom lived in the building under some pretty cruel conditions. At its peak, there were over a thousand kids living together inside the cold, gray building, often neglected and uncared for.

Since it’s closure, paranormal teams have flocked to the hospital hoping to make contact with the spirits inside, and many of them have been successful, experiencing phenomena that range from hearing the phantom sounds of children laughing to witnessing tall shadow figures skulking up and down the abandoned corridors. It’s not uncommon for visitors to report the sensation of being watched, or to even feel their clothing or hair being gently tugged at by a pair of unseen hands.

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