This Girl Wore A Bikini To The Beach. Turns Out, That Was A HUGE Deal

Intestinal failure.

Sara Gebert , a 20-year-old from Pittstown, N.J. was diagnosed with chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction (CIPO) and gastroparesis two years ago. The rare disease means that she can’t eat anything.Nothing at all. Her condition is so severe that she is considered to have intestinal failure. She’s fed overnight straight into her heart with total parenteral nutrition through an IV. Then, she has to constantly drain her stomach or be at risk of vomiting sometimes up to 60 times per day. In order to do this, Gebert has had abdominal surgery, and an ileostomy bag, a jejunal feeding tube, and an appendicostomy all attached outside her stomach to help her function better. She’s learned to live with this, but the most feared situation for her was to go to the beach wearing a bikini.

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