A Girl Takes Off Her Bra For A While. Weeks Later, She Can’t Believe How Her Bre*$t$ Have Changed For The Better!

Wearing is bra is part of everyday clothing. Women across the globe wear bra for most part of the day, some even at night. There is huge variety of bras available in beautiful colours, designs, fabrics, shapes and sizes. From underwire to push up, from sports to strapless, you name it you get it all.

However did you know that wearing a bra is not an absolute necessity and be harmful to your health as well? Put your bra away and read on below to see how not wearing a bra proves beneficial for you:

Encourages Healthy Tissues

A French study says having to go b*re on your bre*st helps in firming of the bre#sts tissues. Bre*st tissue helps in firming of the bre#sts thereby helps to lift the bre#sts. It also strengthens the chest muscles. Going bare encourages the growth of healthy tissue which improves the appearance and overall fell of bre#sts.

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