This Girl Was Raped By Her Brother And Got Pregnant At The Age of 12. After 9 Years, She Reveals…

Tressa revealed her harrowing experience on the show ITV This Morning.

Born in extreme poverty, being raped by her brother, getting pregnant at the age of 12 and addicted to drugs and alcohol terribly. Life of Tressa Middleton (21) from Scotland had been very harsh on her since she was a little girl. And after nine long years, Tressa reveals the big secret of her life.

Tressa learned to consume alcohol and drugs at an early age. Born to a homeless mother, she was sent in care. After a year, she returned home to Edinburgh when she was 9. That was the time her older brother Jason also came to live with his mother and sister. Due to her alcohol dependency, she was sent back to the care. In 2005, Tressa at the age of 11 returned to her home. That year she collided with a disaster and her life changed, forever. Jason, her brother, raped her. She remembers how he took her to a building site and attacked her. Within a minute, everything was different.

After a few months of the incident, she noticed her body started to change. One of her friends noticed that something was wrong and suggested that she may be pregnant. A pregnancy test confirmed it. She didn’t want to abort because she didn’t believe in abortion.

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