Foods & Drugs You Shouldn’t Take Together

We all know medications should be taken strictly as prescribed, both in terms of dose and regimen and as regards to your diet during treatment. We have compiled a list of drug and food pairings that shouldn’t — or, in some cases, mustn’t — be taken together. Read on, and be healthy!


Bronchial spasmolytics (prescribed for asthma, bronchitis, and other lung diseases)

Drugs: theophylline, albuterol.

Restricted: food and drinks containing caffeine.

Both drugs stimulate the nervous system, so to avoid excess nervousness and anxiety you should cut out caffeine for the duration of treatment. Be especially careful with theophylline, as caffeine sharply increases its toxicity. You should also minimize fatty foods in your diet because it raises bioavailability of theophylline, which may cause an overdose.

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