Experts Say If Your Battery Dies, All You Need To Jump-Start The Car Is THIS!


Picture this: it’s ten-below-zero and you’re running late for work. You’re thinking of unanswered emails, unbuttoned coats, and (gasp!) unsipped coffee. Longing to feel the warmth of your car’s heater and begin the day, you bolt out of the house, shove the key in the ignition, and…nothing. It’s dead. Kaput. Your car won’t start, and there’s no one in sight to give you a jump. What to do?

Luckily, regardless of the weather, you don’t have to be a mechanic to get yourself out of this situation. So long as you have a jack, a rope, and a manual transmission, you can jump-start your car—and get back to your beloved agenda (and hot coffee)—in no time.

Start by propping your jack to the frame just behind one of your front tires (if you have front-wheel drive).

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