This Dude Jumps Off Hotel Roof Into A Swimming Pool! Insane, Heart-Stopping Stunt!

A real adrenaline junkie!

Got a knack for the extreme? This dude sure does! His stunts are so scary that just watching his video will make your heart stop! The jumper, who goes by the name of 8booth on YouTube and Instagram, frequently posts videos of his scary stunts online.

In a video posted on YouTube, a man carries his GoPro as he climbs up to a hotel roof. He pants as he walks up several flights of stairs before getting to the top.

Then the man climbs over the railing and looks down at a blue rectangular pool below. Then without hesitation, he jumps off in a heart-stopping leap! Thankfully, he safely dives into the pool, and swims out before heading towards the beach.

Apparently, this isn’t his first time jumping from a hotel roof into a pool. Here is the first video:

This Guy’s YouTube fans can’t get a hold of themselves either!

Sam X5 wrote: “You are effin’ insane. You were probably less than 75cm from the pool edge when you landed. You gonna die soon if u keep doing this.”

Ceremore wrote: “Holy S**t. Like I know you gotta ditch after you do these but I would kill to get a reaction clip of the person in the pool after you pull some s**t like this.

“Don’t get why people are down-voting your stuff. They say you’re dumb because you almost kill yourself. Who cares, dumb or not it’s badass and it’s fun to watch.”

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